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-american clergy and we're going to introduce now michael johnson with urban core. come on michael (clappin (clapping.) i have a few prepared remarks you know the rooerdz are able to a.d. live but i've got to write my stuff down so i can be clear. so i want to thank you all for coming out today to celebrate the grand opening of the mary rogers senior center. i was home last time and before i went to bed i was trying to put together the words to say. i thought about it for the last several months. and i decided to frame it with a couple of points of history in my life. the first thing when i i was a teenager and attended a career day in philadelphia and learned with r what an architect does. i realized immediately that's what i wanted to do and went home and told mom and dad. my schooling prepared me for the education but the passion for redeveloping neighborhoods you such as the western edition was god-given. it's been fulfilling over the last thirty years. the second point of my personal history is when we were asked by the members of this community to undertake the development of the fili
't. >> health care manufacturer johnson & johnson will pay more than $2 billion to settle civil and criminal allegations. >> jon: i expect this from you jobson but not you johnson. [ laughter ] actually to be honest with you, i've not trusted johnson and jon since i tried to stop my child's crying but poring a bottle of their patented no more tears shampoo in his eye. did not work at all. there were still tears after i poured it in there. in fact, this may have exacerbated the situation. [laughter] what complex corporation scheme did they pull that allows them to escape full prosecution? >> they bribed doctors and pharmacies. they got them to prescribe drugs parly to the elderly, children and the decision abled despite health risks or a lack of scientific evidence showing any health benefits for patients. >> jon: holy (bleep). they knowingly bribed doctors to give useless drugs to old people, the disabled, and babies. you are not even allowed to do that in grand theft auto. [ laughter ] you know, i have a question. the question is: >> is anybody going to jail? >> jon: that was the question.
to firm. i want to start by acknowledging johnson and john they're great to be working with. we're looking forward to work further with them. of course, the mayor would like if johnson and johnson would most of their haubdz here. there are 3 people who have made in work my colleagues doug and brian. those two have made this happen to a round of applause for them (clapping.) but the third person who's been behind the screen pulling the strings that made this work on time we signed the leased in december of last year that's actually, the mayor of san francisco mayor ed lee. it's a delight to have him here and say a few words. mayor (clapping.) well rich thank you very much. i know you can't think of a better way to celebrate 10 years of having this open up to companies like g.e. coming hero to provide a lot of great equipment for start ups. i had my exposure to some of the folks. apprehending you're going to be able to wear a patch that tells us everything that's going ♪ our body. there's a virnd e vending machine you can find golf things in. it's incredible. this is another center and i'm
. ♪ it mobilizes, it tranquilizes, it heals, and transforms. boswell is supposed to have said to dr. johnson, "i'm greatly affected by music. "some music will make me weep. "some music will make me feel so brav "i could march into the thick of a battle and not be scared of anything." johnson says dryly, "if anything could make me act so foolish, i would not have anything to do with it." [low hum and sticks clacking] [cultural music montage] (man) music has got an incredible power, presence. you know, sound is something that you can't escape when you're in its presence. [chanting and drumming] with music, there's no looking away. [spirited clarinet and guitar playing] that is part of the power of music. when you're near it, there's no escape. it can focus your attention on a particular ceremony for example. it can act as a kind of social glue that helps a ceremony to go on over the course of several days. it keeps people's attention focused. music can be used in a work situation. you can find examples of that in africa where people are working in a field. let's say that they are planting millet o
maybe conditional to approval or something like that. >> thank you chairperson johnson. actually the san francisco workers were included in the committee approval and it was an oversight that it wasn't included in the dda. >> thank you okay so great. so is that something that's just a simple edit? >> we'll include that in the preference so you have the certificate of preference category one and category 2 and category those who live and work in san francisco and then members of the general public. that was easy and of course all subjected to fair housing laws as well. >> okay. and i think i have one more but i'll open it up in anyone else for comments. >> i just want to add a comment your memory was right. and i'm glad that we can make that change to ensure that we have more housing opportunities for san francisco. >> okay. >> i'm very pleased to see that we've got such a robust affordable housing project so i'm very excited that this project is moving. >> so the university discussed and investigated a variety of development opportunities to partner with developers and given t
. . . money." go to "lunch i am adam johnson. nelson mandela is a name recognized all over the world and will likely written in the history books for generations. a freedom fighter who emerged to revolutionize a country in south africa. as you know, he died last night. he was 95 years old. >> a free man taking his first steps. from prisoner to president, nelson mandela's 1990 release from jail signaled the end of south africa's racist policy and he would go on to become the country's first truly democratically elected leader. >> the faithful for the republic of south africa. to ae in a small village local chief, mandela was one of 13 children and a first member of his family to attend school. in the 1940's, he began opposing the white minority's i'll see of apartheid, laws that segregated and made colored south africans second -- second-class citizens. at first, mandela was inspired by gandhi's approach of nonviolent resistance. as white south africa became more aggressive, so did he. as the head of the armed wing of the national international he was arrested and tried in 1
jose, california. i am emily chang. i'm here with cory johnson. and we also have jon erlichman. we have been learning a lot about e-mail. it has been exciting day. john donahoe is that ceo. yeah. it is like a smackedown between ebay and amazon. it is a minority of their business, action. -- auction. applicable be entertaining and enlightening for people. they will learn about a lot of things. >> we will talk about that would john donahoe. we will also learn about the ebay moonshot business. it is the same day delivery business. it will get to you within an hour. i have got these gloves. >> styling gloves. >> it was cold this morning. the payment business, that is a monster of a business. billions of transactions every quarter. it is growing at double-digit rates. >> you go very in depth on some of the innovations they are working on at ebay. you are inside the commerce and innovation showcase. what is that about? >> this is a place where they try to explain to their many retail partners with the technology behind ebay allows for these retailers to do in their stores. we know that paypal
in that job. here is our editor at large cory johnson. >> it is a problem to be so well-liked as you well know. >> please, don't flatter me. >> why do they want steve ballmer replaced? stock chartt the and see what happened with microsoft over the course of ballmer's tenure. of 2000e ceo in january when bubble was at its frothy is. microsoft has not done much since 2001.2001. it had a decent run since the lows of 2008. really impressive job that mulally did coming from a different industry. a different sales structure and planning structure than boeing. he really put it on solid footing going into the recession of 2008. those of the turnaround skills that the microsoft board really likes. >> let's take a listen to what malala he said. said.hat mulally >> it wasn't unequivocal bowl leadpipe cinch, let's hear what he said. you always said in the past that i'm going to stay at least until 2014. hange in the plans. it sounds like a nondenial denial. >> i looked at a number of things he said over the course of the last few months. he said that he loved serving fort. it does seem like he is
a guitar shot. . i do not play guitar like cory johnson. you see a place like where you would do your shopping. it is creative. there is this whole changing retail space where you can now use paypal or even your phone or tablet. there is a clothing store curry and we're going to go into an in-depth look at how this transforms itself to get ready for the future. >> all right. we will have much more on the business throughout the day. first, i want to go through ebay by the number. here is a look. ebay, the global e-commerce and payments company, with more than 31,000 employees and the three countries around the world. they are driving three different businesses. is the online marketplace, where active users buy, sell, or bid on a 500 alien dollar item -- on 500 items. things are sold every six minutes. a pair of sunglasses is sold every 18 seconds. globally, clothing, shoes, and accessories art sold on mobile devices. then, there is paypal. people send or receive money. 729 times last quarter. that is more than the populations of the u.s., australia, and others combine. payment ranges
. >> the company was fined. johnson & johnson is higher. xerox is lower. it is what happens. >> i know a lot of people who were doing well in the world of investment and finance. and they do it by the study of macroeconomics. you never bought into that. >> i was bottom down. i was lucky. i own a lot of, america motor inns, united inns, i said who is your competitor? they said la quinta. i owned it before sunset. nicemebody said something about a competitor, it is always true. they have a better formula. we can't match their formula. i visited them. it was a huge success. >> how long did you stay? >> seven or eight years. >> have du note to get out? >> you want to get -- how did you know to get out? out, theyt to get have the formula right. it is toys r us on the way to 500 stores. home depot on the way to 4000. walmart, 10 years after it went public, it is up 10 fold. in years after it went public, it became percent of the united states. you could say to yourself there is a lot of room to go. you have every mall with espresso limited. they are in the eighth or ninth inning. where can they go
are joined on the phone by robert johnson, who is a cnbc contributor, founder of the rlj and former chairman of b.e.t., old friend of mine. robert, you met nelson mandela many times, okay. how many times did you meet him, what are your thoughts tonight as he passes away? >> yeah, i had the great and humbling pleasure of meeting president mandela on a number of occasions, first with the former commerce secretary, late ron brown, and then i also accompanied president clinton on his historic trip to sub-saharan africa and of course when president mandela came to the united states seeking to raise funds to continue to fight apartheid and support his charities. the one thing, larry, that strikes me about president mandela is i have never known a man so comfortable in his convictions that he could invite his jailor to his inauguration, giving him a seat of recognition, and at the same time, recognize that the real true power of south african unity was going to be the acceptance by black and white south africans that this country had to come together peacefully and to put aside all the hatred, the
>> welcome to "lunch money." i am adam johnson. let's take a look at the menu. ford goes global with the new mustang. what is the roadmap for alan mulally? in sports, new york's losers face off. it is a hard sell. alan greenspan says bitcoin has bubble written all over it. and two kings of rock -- their stuff is on the block. ford is unveiling its 50th anniversary of the mustang. that is happening today, all over the world. this is the first time that they will sell outside of north america since 1964. over one million people on a mustang in the first two years. new features on this year's version -- lower roof, wider wheelbase, and a more efficient engine. that is a first since 1986. what people really want to know will ford's ceo alan mulally become the next ceo of microsoft? we get a chance to hear from the horse's mouth, along with some breaking news. >> you told the board of ford that you will stay at the company. are they asking you again to renew your commitment? >> i love serving ford. i have no changes planned. >> let's try again. >> if i get it next fall, alan, can you
. kevin johnson led effort to find investors to match the offer. shows us how a team of tech moguls has the king supposed to achieve great things. andans, paul allen, the new ownership group of the sacramento kings. >> i think of it as a social network. will turnoping it around a moribund franchise. people. are truly smart andeople like paul jacobs chris kelly. have the mostt wins, but we have the most patents. chris mullin is his personal advisor. >> you have to have a lot of money to buy them. a lot of these guys are successful. they have money and they have passion. >> the kings pose a tough business problem. last season's attendance was the lowest in the league. one of the biggest tech titans of all tried to swoop in and buy the kings and move the team to seattle. >> i came to california with no money. softwareake analytic to help companies like delta airlines understand their data. a mission, you want to build a winning franchise and make the world a better place. just what i do for my software business, integrity, hard work, openness. >> that'll do it for this edition of sportfoli
on board. crews have been scouring the backcountry. they are now focused on the area near the johnson creek landing strip. even family members are joining the search effort. >> a tough situation with the elements and some rugged terrain. you know, they have a lot of planes haunts and groundspeople helping us search for our loved ones. >> the plane has been missing since sunday when it was lost from radar and no longer had cell tower contact a mile east of the johnson crete airstrip. >>> another american with ties to the bay area has been killed in libya. ronald smith was a teacher at an international school in benghazi. u.s. authorities say smith was shot and killed while jogging thursday morning. smith is reportedly from texas and went to graduate school in austin. he described himself as libya's best friend on his twitter account. >> we offered our deep he was condolences to the victim's family, friends and loved ones. we are in contact with the family and are providing all appropriate consular assistance. >> reporter: no one has claimed responsibility for his murder in the eastern libyan
-anchor, guy johnson. we have a very packed and diverse show. we have some great interviews. >> the shoes in dominated by the death of nelson mandela. we will of course be covering that and south africa moving forward from here. we'll be talking to goldman sachs' head of south africa. he will be joining us from johannesburg. we'll get his taken to news we had sadly overnight. we'll be talking to the irish finance minister, michael noonan. what is the future of ireland once it moves from that protective shield? what kind of story is it going to be? what happens to the banks? what kind of protection is there for this country if it needs further assistance down the road? michael noonan will be joining us in the 10:00 hour. we have some big announcements coming through from tech city today. we will get analysis on what we are going to learn today. it is going to be an interesting announcement with some very high profile faces at this event. plus we have the c.e.o. of legal in general. that is coming up on the first hour of "the pulse." diverse, fascinating. it is going to be a busy two hours.
, the family of 7-year-old annica johnson learned she has kidney cancer. friends started pages on the give forward site to help the two families. they've raised more than $30,000 in just three days. >> i'm just amazed and blown away by the community really coming together to support both of these families. >> we're told that both girls will miss school this year, but their prognosis is good. >>> and the 2015 mustang rolled out in new york city today featuring a new tapered exterior design and a brushed aluminum interior and three engines to choose from, v 6, v 8 and a four cylinder model. the price has not been announced. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. i'm gasia mikaelian gm. a man attacked on a bay area bus. the assault was all over a game and the stitches to prove it. tmz is up next on tv 36. ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ♪ looks like you started to make something. ♪ oh, a green! ♪ ♪ [ fem
of oakland. we just want you to come and spend your money, but we don't care. >> tina johnson runs a fast food place nearby, like many here, she is sympathetic to what sears experienced. violent protesters smashed windows every time, some suspect a large retailer simply gave up on replacing them. >> they shld make a decision as to whether they want to continue to do business in oakland and if so, then they need to clean it up. >> sears doesn't have any immediate plans to replace them. the company released a statement saying the custom windows date back to the 1930s and replacing them is more complicated than those in a typical building. neighbors aren't satisfied. >> there was something in the windows, more people would come down to shop downtown and with them all boarded up, it looks like downtown is boarded up. >> if sears doesn't clean it up, they'll charge with inspection and violation fees. kpix5. >> the city has given sears one month to come up with a plan. >>> cal's memorial stadium getting a new name. that's thanks to deep pocketed investors who so happen to be former student
money, but we don't really care. >> reporter: tina johnson runs a restaurant nearby. she is sympathetic to what they experienced. violent protesters smashed its windows every time. some suspect the retailer gave up on replacing them. >> they should make a decision if they want to continue to do business in oakland. if sew, they need to clean it up. >> reporter: sars has no plans to release it. they say replaceing the twin does is more complicated than those in a typical building but neighbors are not satisfied. >> more people would come down to shop downtown. with them boarded it up, it looks like the downtown is boarded up. >> reporter: in oakland,. >>> the bay area college sports field goes corporate with cal students calling their stadium something new and the multimillion dollar deal behind it. >> and an arrest in connection with paul walker's deadly crash, but nothing to do wit,,,, for all those who sleep too hot or too cool, and struggle to sleep comfortably together, now there's a solution. the company that individualized your comfort with the sleep number bed brings you sleep nu
with steve johnson says he will continue to preach about this is done for monday. these rates move continued to my earn more and more and more about twelve we used to symbolize to try it on monday as nineteen ninety four visits. he came back to holland began to show solidarity. can americans once again produced. i would stick to it now and how people are reacting on the internet to mandela isn't that an event run by shannon bennett ran on china but every scene. well i feel are taking to twitter especially this painting daily list of reactions than on basically every minute buried dozens of new people reading tweets and this person is in south africa. she says the world has lost an icon and we have lost a father of her emotional reaction there under that some people are confusing him with at least physically with other people and this sweet pad has that has the maturity to the uber cool you know that's not the end of the photo is of morgan freeman who played nelson mandela in two thousand seven hundred it does but that's not cans. as enforcement is out at he's not the only one actually to mak
shoppers scurrying. >> veronica johnson is here to tell us how long the rain will last. >> this is the first wave of this big system that as you know, storm team 4 has been monitoring for the last couple days. what we are getting here with the first round is nothing more than rain. let me zoom into the area. it's just pretty much light showers for the most part throughout gaithersburg. fairfax, manassas and bowie. it's what's coming in over the next couple hours. the rain and intensity is going to step up and pick up. all as we chill down from upper 50s to 60 degrees. we are at 47 degrees in d.c. look at the cooldown. close to the 30s now. folks in hagerstown, 39 degrees in cumberland, maryland. all this as we get ready for round two. we have more rain for the overnight. then we have the snow and ice that is going to step into the area. the snow and ice, already unfolding over the nation's midsection and ohio valley. reducing quite a bit of ice. when i return in a couple minutes, who is under a winter storm watch. later, what we are going to pick up in terms of how much
to, you can buy johnson & johnson and procter & gamble. they're the largest stocks in these etfs and my trust owns both of them because they are earnings momentum and restructuring stories respectively. we will be looking to buy them for the trust if they get hammered. i know it shouldn't be that easy. you have to be suspicious of any trading strategy that comes out so easily. but it sure makes sense if you're calling for the over, so to speak, meaning more jobs as my friend and writing colleague at has suggested to me. and by the way, this man has been dead right on this number. probably the best guy that i know on what the number's going to be like. besides, it's cheap insurance against what could be a treacherous 3.35%, that big leap in the ten-year that will indeed cause stocks to decline. it's going to be a shock to the parts of the stock market that are most sensitive to rates. no, i'm not calling for bonds to go to 3.5% immediately, but bonds do overshoot, and that's where the ten-year could go in a very short period of time after a stronger than expected num
original online marketplace, including selling tickets from broadway to the super bowl to hub. cory johnson shows us just how -- -- ebay stub hub. >> we are not just about selling tickets. it is about creating the whole fan experience and innovation is used across the business. >> stub hub takes 25% off the top of ticket sales and the rest goes to the seller. stub hub is after a lot more. million back in 2007 and the business has grown dramatically. is selling one ticket every second. >> technology was the enabler for this online secondary ticket marketplace to happen. class features like interactive seat mass and mobile ticketing and ways to buy a couple of seats and split the bill with a friend. stub hub is a risk for ebay. the business has much worse mark -- margins. fallengross margins have since the stub hub acquisition. paypal surely furthered the trend. every april mental dollar of stub hub profits compresses ebay's overall margins. milking big data could be the key to improving it. we are is a new science trying to develop and trying to understand that. >> stub hub's chief technolog
. lisa johnson son of the school along with other parents because there was none in the area offering gem in essence best deals to secure state funding. coming in we've brought up by dealing with a tonal language the cookies to enjoy the intellectual extension comes from knowing i can. i think is the good things do i want to do much. this colonial this year. the jordy got more applicants than places. some of the parents take john lessons themselves so they can help to chill with their homework. in common and can be. i want. i made this in your nose. many instrumental and a second language. i want to give their children the opportunity that they never had. he was just happy when she was between him and to specifically for the region teams because they can't read cds intake for cisco's still in my opinion i cannot imagine thing leaving you wanting to press china to support a utensil ways that are unsavory out on. i am on the really great student at the moment education. from a low he can advise the school some foreign languages the school who is also reluctant to lend a forum in which she s
regional democracy and deposit advisor for southern africa at usaid. and also by jason johnson, an al jazeera consultant and professor at hiram college. thank you for joining us. the influence of individual men on historical event is often overstated. in this case do we have a clear example of a man who made a dramatic difference, especially when you compare what happened in south africa to nearby rhodesia and zimbabwe, where there was apartheid and that country descended into chaos? >> absolutely. leaders make the difference and the contrast you drew against nelson mandela, and robert mugabe. as great as nelson mandela was, one of his greatest aspect that hadn't been touched on by a sufficient number of people is that he was a team player. the anc was a large big tent national organization, tumbo was the leader until his death in the 1990s. he led while nelson mandela was in prison. armond. and chris honey mentioned earlier. he pulled the group together and his wisdom and patients, gentleness and toughness. the form area apartheid regime tried to play him off against other leaders to
money but we don't really care. >> reporter: tina johnson runs a fast-food place nearby. like many she is sympathetic to what sears has experienced. violent protestors smashed its windows every time. some suspect the large retailer simply gave up on replacing them. >> they should make a decision as to whether they want to continue to do business in oakland and if so, then they need to clean it up. >> reporter: sears doesn't have any immediate plans to replace them. the company released a statement to us saying, the custom windows date back to the 1930s and replacing them is complicated. neighbors aren't satisfied. >> there was something in the windows more people would come down to shop downtown and with them boarded up it looks like downtown is boarded up. >> reporter: the city says if sears doesn't replace the windows they will charge the company with violation and inspection fees. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> sears officials now have a month to come up with a plan to replace the windows. >>> 4:50. coming up waiting for another day of bitter cold but the weather is bringing a s
. veronica johnson will be in at 4:00 followed by doug at 5:00 and 6:00. continuing to update these numbers. this is an evolving system on monday. here's what storm team 4 is thinking. the d.c. metro could see a dusting to an inch of snow. there is back to the west a dusting to two inches. snow then changes over to freezing rain. minor icing is possible in washington, articling and through fairfax and northern prince georges and southern montgomery county. significant icing is possible into sunday night in areas like loudoun and northern prince willm portions of montgomery and frederick through washington county. this icing could cause power outages and bringing down limbs and trees and like i said, we will be updating this evolving system later today. a good idea not to download the weather ap, but follow the meteorologists on twitter as we head into the weekend. next time you see me, we will look at the next seven days. >> sounds like it's really raining. a heads up with track work on all lines. the arlington station closes tonight at 10 and stays closed all weekend. if you are riding the
ones i tend to listen second sentence. johnson praised for whacking when hans cherished night in the uk. is this important event it's recognizing that what the report that says we just used us here in the uk. two of the state. the two great understanding of the jewish faith being hit in britain for two hundred and fifty is doing very ample supply several key thing is intended to fundraising events including the chief rabbi and finance its debt to tm to convince around. i think with it but what they chose is the book that is done. the here. the book to be choosy around and that the work today due to the white the. and the recognition of god but by the government of the presence of senior minister here is the insertion of that. this is one of the fold this country has always been open and we feel welcome and i was told the jury it would take a lesson that way when winning the home secretary will come say very clearly that our way of lives. his will to men and women with the support it the evening was also an opportunity for individuals from all the faith communities to strengthen that rel
apartheid in 1994. guy johnson has more on the mandela legacy. firstree man takes his steps into a new south africa. >> from prisoner to president, his 1990 release from jail signaling the end of the racist policy of apartheid. he would go on to become the country's first truly democratically elected leader. >> i do hereby promise to be faithful to the republic of south africa. wasorn to a local chief, he one of 13 children and the first member of his family to attend school. he began opposing the white minority a policy of apartheid, laws that segregated society and made colored south africans second-class citizens. byst, mandela was moved gandhi. more aggressive, so did he. as the head of the armed wing of led ational congress, he violent sabotage attacks and was arrested and tried in 1962. he would spend 27 years in jail that he was never forgotten. eventually, international and to sayl pressure led apartheid would be dismantled down the mandela would walk free. rather than seek richer view hising, he reached out to former oppressors trying to heal a divided nation. 1990 three, they share
johnson is in the newsroom with more. >> they are trying to make it more transparent. more on how that is going to work. i am joined by the vice president of research. this is interesting to me that the government is in an arms race with a u.s. company. what is microsoft proposing? >> they are proposing a few things. this is going to be good news for consumers. you get additional security without having to do anything about it. the trend has been to increase the amount of places where encryption is enabled by default. this was the trend. this is really a continuation of the process. a year ago your facebook was not even encrypted unless you specifically ask for it. today it is always encrypted for everyone. we are seeing it move in that direction. >> there is a data center in utah where the nsa is opening a physical facility to do the kinds of commuting unseen before and crippling that has never been seen before. is that what we are looking at, the best tech minds of the best tech companies? >> something like that, with the big data centers, the assumption is they are going to be
news event again at the rim the front page of the oriental garden a popular daily newspaper the johnson prop. tom finally responded with an official wave. in addition to its oldest daughter's relationship with an ex wife. tom admitted to having three children to provide. according to birth control regulations issued by the local government jump to most people would need to pay up. regulation that the protection child lead to a finer point five to two times the mall called the per capita although income of local ever read. and for the third child. will i be a time when computer. for rich people a lot more. rich people defined by having a disposal income twice that of the local average. he did pay double the disposable income according to people's daily the total fine for the birds from tom's family to reach two point four million u s route three hundred ninety thousand dollars you pay to another chinese director defended its pure junk email we just decided to give birth to more children personal perspective. still really got me real shock don't emo and other elite other field to do that
next with adam johnson. . . . money." go to "lunch i am adam johnson. nelson mandela is a name recognized all over the world and will likely written in the history books for generations. a freedom fighter who emerged to revolutionize a country in south africa. as you know, he died last night. he was 95 years old. >> a free man taking his first steps. from prisoner to president, nelson mandela's 1990 release from
rob johnson from wisconsin. he cosponsored the union fairness act which would prevent the administration from doing this. we talked about this before. they might do it. now it appears they are doing it. can it be stopped? >> we are hoping so. last time i was here, this is senator thune's bill and i'm a cosponsor. last time they were just hinting about doing this. they have just proposed the rule. 255 pages long. this particular section starts at page 70. this is the time for americans to make a comment to the centers for medicaid and medicare services. hopefully we can make sure the rule doesn't get issued. >> the problem with this is not only does it give the unions a big kiss basically in the form the of dollars. the rest of the people who are supposed to pay the tax is meant to cover the pre-existing condition coverage. the bill will go up and hhs was asked about it. they said it's true the fee will be higher for the other plans that still have to pay the fee. is that fair? can they get away with it? the average person isn't going to call and object to the rule. >>
of rain and possibly snow. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson we'll have local reaction to the death of nelson mandela in just a few minutes but first, bay area cold snap. tonight will be almost as cold as last night. how cold was it? planes had to be deiced before taking off this morning from san jose international airport. it took more than a wiper blade to cut through the ice overnight. so cold, isaacels developed in danville as seen in this picture. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here now. >> so far, napa is three degrees from freezing. already take a look at records for the morning. napa hit a record at 25 degrees. 30 in san rafael. san francisco tied at 40. oakland broke previous records, 33. moffett field into upper 20s there. so it was frigid. napa county airport 16 degrees this morning. subfreezing temperatures again, freeze warning covering all areas except san francisco. you want to watch out. you can see increased risk of hypothermia. bring in pets. you can see them burst. and live doppler seven getting ready to track a cold storm. dan? >> let's che
to come and spend your money, but we don't care. >> reporter: tina johnson runs a fast food place nearby, and she is sympathetic to what they are going through. >> they should make a decision as to if they want to continue to do business in oakland, and if so, they need to clean them up. >> reporter: the company said they are custom windows dating back to the 1930s, and replacing them is harder. the city said if they don't start to clean them up, they will charge them with violation. in oakland, i'm da lin. >> sears officials have 1 month to come up with a plan to fix the windows. >>> a cat missing for more than 3 years is back with its bay area owners tonight this is dasher. his family had him microchipped when he was a kitten. they moved, and dasher was scared and ran away. someone found him, bringing him to the animal shelter. >> he's been gone for so long, i lost hope we would find him. i was really surprised, especially when they ran the chip, and it was him. >> maybe he's around the neighborhood, he can't go far, but sure enough, 2.5 miles away, there he is. yeah, it's just great!
'll be able to see them quicker. >> logan johnson, national weather service. >> ours is located near san jose so it doesn't cover the north bay so we use your radar as a key piece of puzzle to understand what is going to. >> what doppler radar generally it detects motion and the movement of systems that produce precipitation and intensity and the direction. the speed at which it is moving. all these things is what doppler radar does. >> to go down to street level to what is happening right in the neighborhood. you can say there is going from elm street to oak street in five minutes. that is the biggest advantage of having where we have it. think of the lead time you are going to get to see a storm coming in. that is getting people prepared. >> i'll never forget this woman who was in mill valley. i was out there reporting on a landslide there. her home devastated. everything she has ever had gone. she came up to me and she said thank you. she said your forecast, abc7's forecast being able to let me know days in advance, she was able to get her most precious things out of there and because we w
when it comes to dealing with the community. >>reporter: johnson says the grant foundation is offering to provide an independent sensitivity trainer to bart police. heather, abc 7 news. >> national transportation safety board safety board has scheduled hearings next week in the crash of asian flight 214 at sfo but we won't hear from the pilots who were on board when the boeing 7 77 slammed into the sea wall at the end of the runway at sfo. they have spoken to ntsb investigators in private apparently those pilot pilots. instead the asian chief pilot training manager will appear along with representatives from boeing, faa and the san francisco fire department. 3 teenager girls were killed and dozens of passengers injured that day. the hearing set for next tuesday and wednesday in washington, d.c. we will of course if cover it extensively. >> let's talk a little bit more about this cold weather and spencer is off. food drive work tonight sandhya is here covering the weather for us at 9:00. another cold night. >> absolutely. >> not quite as cold as last night. >> couple degrees. i
: and then 7-year- old anica johnson a few days later diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. both children students of cabrilo elementary. just a grade apart. >> as a community we're all just very, very shocked. >> reporter: lola lyles is bella's friend. she started a page so that people could help. and boy have they. >> we've gotten a lot of donations for bella. $10,000 in two days. >> reporter: that's doubled as of today. another lola, lola carritgton started a page for anica who is her daughter's best friend. and after two days the funds top 11 grand. the money will help the families during this ordeal. >> i'm overwhelmed. i break down and cry all the time because i just can't even believe the generosity. >> reporter: davis says the families have not yet met but the children are close in a sense. >> anica and bella are at the same hospital. same floor. >> reporter: and both face a long recovery. anica just had a kidney removed. bella started what will be years of chemotherapy. >> she is doing pretty good but she's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: both children will miss school th
has donated has dennis miller, johnson, golf owner. >> letterman. well the brunt o them though are from t smaller donations. i think that that is great news for a lot of your viewers, bill, who have decided to donate. >> i think we where $12 million into this. and the va does not soldiers and marines anything, zero. we had to do it. you are right, the folks are providing the bulk of the money. i wish the llywood pinheads would kick in. >> no doubt. jeanne. i'm mad about santa claus. every year inundated magical character. we teach other people about jesus. i think genie needs to calm down. part of the fun of the holiday. it's a religious holiday for many and it's goodut also fun for the kids. where does santa claus come. >> from that's the thing the history is is he a patron niced saint for the children. >> saint nicholas. >> saint nicholas and the reputation was what that he would help impoverished girls and put out tweets and coins to kids this their shoes. >> dutch? holland guy. >> yes. originally a dutch tradition. you know your history. you can believe in jesus and santa a
. a few days later annika johnson was diagnosissed with a rare form of kidney cancer. both -- both are students at cabrillo elementary school. >> they are in the same hospital, the same floor. annika is in the same room bella just moved out of. >> people in pacifica set up a give forward page first for bella and then for annika. within a couple days they raised more than $30,000. the families say they are overwhelmed. >>> we have breaking news from san jose to tell you about. a busy intersection is shut down. and also another story we are following its call the the knock out game. now we have spoken to an oakland man who says he was a victim of this disturbing crime. >>> thousands remain in the dark and cold. what we are learning about the power outage. >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. getting ready to ring that opening bell live in new york this morning. and they are ringing in a really good day for the dow, nasdaq, and s & p. there it is live. numbers the future stock right up after that jobs report came in. the unemployment rate down five year low now. the mo
has donated as has dennis miller, johnson, golf owner. >> letterman. well the brunt of them though are from the smaller donations. i think that that is great news for a lot of your viewers, bill, who have decided to donate. >> i think we where $12 million into this. and the va does not soldiers and marines anything, zero. we had to do it. you are right, the folks are providing the bulk of the money. i wish the hollywood pinheads would kick in. >> no doubt. jeanne. i'm mad about santa claus. every year inundated magical character. we teach other people about jesus. i think genie needs to calm down. part of the fun of the holiday. it's a religious holiday for many and it's good but also fun for the kids. where does santa claus come. >> from that's the thing the history is is he a patron niced saint for the children. >> saint nicholas. >> saint nicholas and the reputation was what that he would help impoverished girls and put out tweets and coins to kids this their shoes. >> dutch? holland guy. >> yes. originally a dutch tradition. you know your history. you can believe in jesus and s
dermott on speculation friday? simple, it announced the old ceo steven johnson who has been running the company some say running the company into the ground for the last four years will be retiring later this month. going to be replaced by david dixon. and before that he ran the u.s. arm of technip a terrific energy construction firms that's one of the principal competitors. dixon has 23 years of offshore experience. that's right, in engineering construction for oil fields and i think he's the right guy for the job. i think he has the experience to turn the company around. mcdermott's management is being revamped, but that alone will not make for a turn around, creates the potential for one. what do i think is happening could encourage shareholders? first of all, and this is crucial in any stock story comeback. after all the company's missteps, the expectations for mcdermott have gotten so low that the stock seems to be impervious to bad news. what i regarded as a disappointing quarter. earnings coming in well below expectations. company's backlog decreasing an astounding 9% and serious execution issues
't have the hair or the mustache. >> i do have a dodge jeep, though. >> adam johnson can do a good ron burgundy imitation just by being himself. it is now time for our morning reef this job stay. >> it is job stay. atwill get the jobs number --0 a.m. eastern a reader eastern. we also have earnings coming out, american eagle earnings before the bell and alan greenspan speaks at 4 p.m. eastern in philadelphia. and the draw for the next year's world cup takes place in brazil. it is a big deal in the rest of the world. for that. looking >> scarlet fu with a job stay company news. >> a new ceo is ready to sell the price is right at time warner cable. his background and mergers has given him the experience to know a good deal when he sees one. comcast and charter have considered making bids. this is according to people familiar with the matter. nissan is belting back in china. sales should be stronger than industrywide gains for the first time in three years. the sun was one of the hardest hit japanese committees in china when a territorial dispute over islands led to a boycott of some japan
the story moving forward. ♪ >> welcome back. >> i am guy johnson, that is francine lacqua. ireland is set to exit its 85 billion euro bailout program next week. three years ago, ireland was rescued. it was the first of the eurozone bailouts to not need outside help. >> thank you so much for joining us. how are you feeling about december 15? it must've been a very difficult three years. you are out of the woods. it is going to be ireland on its own. >> i feel very good about it. we struggled. three years is a long time in charge of a project. we had our ups and downs. it has been positive for the last six months or so. you're confident that we will have success. we have significant cash buffers. we are fully funded. we will refresh are borrowing with the americans in january 2015. we're doing fine. a lot of people want to buy our paper. we sold a preference to the bank of ireland. 1.8 billion -- it was oversubscribed. a very good price, beyond our expectations. any time that we try anything which costs money, those international banks are backing -- we are pleased with that. >> do you thin
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